Rules for Formatting and Submission of Author's Materials

Dear authors!

Manuscripts for the journal "Energy Law Forum" should be submitted to the e-mail of the editorial office:

Materials are submitted in the following form:

  • line spacing - 1.5;
  • font size - 14;
  • endnotes;
  • a footnote in the text should have the form [1, p. 5];

The volume of accepted original articles, including metadata (Abstract, Keywords, Literature, etc.) is 30-40 thousand characters (with spaces), reviews of scientific events and reviews - 10-20 thousand characters (with spaces).

The article should contain:

a) Full surname, first name and patronymic, position, place of work / study (without abbreviations), academic degree, academic rank in Russian and English; official or home address with the postal code; e-mail address; contact phone number;

b) title of the article with a translation into English;

c) abstract in Russian and English (200-250 words). The abstract should reflect the main content of the article, be structured: coverage of the problem, materials and methods of research, results, discussion;

d) key words from the text of the article (10 words or phrases);

e) source of funding (if any, indicate the name and number of the grant);

f) Type of publication (scientific article, review, thesis, review, etc.).

At the end of the article the author places a bibliography (list of sources) in Russian and English.

The bibliographical list is made in alphabetical order, includes a full description of the source (article from the journal, conference report, book chapter), indicating the first and last pages of the publication. If the article has DOI, it is necessary to indicate it after the description of the source.

The number of sources should be no less than 20 and no more than 50, of which at least 30% are foreign. The major part of literary sources should not be more than 10 years old.

The bibliographic description of the sources in the list is made according to the national standards (ГОСТ Р 7.0.100–2018, ГОСТ Р 7.0.5–2008). Reduction of words and phrases in the bibliographic description of sources is made in accordance with ГОСТ Р 7.0.12-2011 and ГОСТ 7.11-2004.

Materials published earlier or proposed to several journals will not be accepted for consideration. Submitted materials should be relevant, have novelty, contain the task and describe the results of the study, comply with current legislation and have a conclusion.

Articles of postgraduate students and applicants for the degree of candidate, doctor of sciences are additionally signed by the supervisor / advisor and are accompanied by the report on the check of the article in the system Antiplagiat, confirming the percentage of originality of not less than 80%. Articles of other authors are accompanied by a report on checking the article in the system Antiplagiat, confirming the percentage of originality of not less than 80%.

When sending the article it is necessary to accept the license agreement - a public offer by signing and sending a scan of the application according to the form, which is set out in the appendix to the license agreement.

The license agreement (public offer) is posted on the Internet at: and at the platform